Did Thurgood Marshall have 2 wives? (2024)

Did Thurgood Marshall have 2 wives?

He married Cecilia (Cissy) Suyat on December 17, 1955. They had two sons, Thurgood Jr. ("Goody") and John. Marshall died on January 24, 1993.

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Who did Thurgood Marshall have kids with?

He married Cecilia (Cissy) Suyat on December 17, 1955. They had two sons, Thurgood Jr. ("Goody") and John. Marshall died on January 24, 1993.

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What happened to Thurgood Marshall's first wife?

Personal life. Marshall wed Vivian "Buster" Burey on September 4, 1929, while he was a student at Lincoln University. They remained married until her death from cancer in 1955.

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Is Cissy Marshall still alive?

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How old was Thurgood Marshall when she died?

After nomination by President Lyndon B. Johnson and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Marshall served as Associate Justice from 1967-1991. He retired from the bench in 1991 and passed away on January 24, 1993 in Washington, D.C. at the age of 84.

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Did Thurgood Marshall have a wife and kids?

Thurgood Marshall's first wife, Vivien Burey, died of cancer in 1955, and he and Suyat married later that year. They had two sons, Thurgood Jr. and John. In a statement, Chief Justice John Roberts called Cissy Marshall a a “vibrant and engaged member of the Court family" who regularly attended court events.

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Did Thurgood have a wife?

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What caused Thurgood Marshall's death?

Marshall died on January 24, 1993 of heart failure in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Why did Thurgood Marshall change his name?

Thurgood Marshall was born Thoroughgood Marshall on June 2, 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland. Tired of having his friends poke fun at his first name, he decided to try to improve the situation and, at the age of six, legally changed it to Thurgood.

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Was Thurgood Marshall an only child?

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When did Thurgood Marshall remarry?

Just before graduation, he married his first wife, Vivian "Buster" Burey. Their twenty-five year marriage ended with her death from cancer in 1955. He married his second wife, Cecilia Suyat in 1955. Justice Marshall died on January 24, 1993.

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Does Thurgood Marshall have children?

Did Thurgood Marshall have 2 wives? (2024)
Who did Thurgood Marshall marry?

Married first wife Vivian Burey (d. February 1955), September 4, 1929; two sons, Thurgood, Jr. and John William. Married second wife Cecilia Suyat, December 12, 1955.

What was Thurgood Marshall's old name?

His original name was “Thoroughgood”, but he shortened it to “Thurgood” in the second grade because he did not like spelling it. His father was William Marshall, a railroad porter, who instilled in him an appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

How many brothers did Thurgood Marshall have?

Answer and Explanation: Thurgood Marshall had one sibling. He had an older brother, William Aubrey Marshall, who was born in 1906.

Who was the 1st woman to sit on the Supreme Court?

As the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, Sandra Day O'Connor became an inspiration to millions.

What are 3 interesting facts about Thurgood Marshall?

Thurgood Marshall as a Supreme Court Justice Facts
  • Thurgood Marshall was nominated for the United States Supreme Court on June 13th of 1967 by President Lyndon B. ...
  • He was the first African American to serve as a Supreme Court justice.
  • As a Supreme Court justice he had a liberal record.

What race is Thurgood Marshall?

Read a brief summary of this topic. Thurgood Marshall (born July 2, 1908, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.—died January 24, 1993, Bethesda) lawyer, civil rights activist, and associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1967–91), the Court's first African American member.

Where was Thurgood buried?

Thurgood Marshall, the first Black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, announced his retirement from the high court. President George H.W. Bush appointed Clarence Thomas to take Marshall's place. Two years later, Marshall died and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery near the graves of previous justices.

What was Thurgood Marshall's problem?

The biggest challenge lay ahead. Working with clients in the segregated South, Marshall was ready to attack the longstanding “separate but equal” doctrine in public schools. His struggles were both legal and political. He even faced powerful internal resistance in his own organization.

Were Thurgood Marshall's parents slaves?

His parents were William Canfield Marshall, a country club steward, and Norma Marshall, an elementary school teacher. Thurgood's grandfather, Thorney Marshall, had been enslaved as a child, but escaped to Baltimore, where he later married and raised a family.

What happened to Thurgood Marshall in 1933?

Marshall received his law degree from Howard University Law School in 1933, graduating first in his class. At Howard, he met his mentor Charles Hamilton Houston, who encouraged Marshall and his classmates to use the law for social change.

What school did Thurgood Marshall sue?

Ferguson which established the legal doctrine called, "separate but equal." Marshall's first major court case came in 1933 when he successfully sued the University of Maryland to admit a young African American Amherst University graduate named Donald Gaines Murray. Applauding Marshall's victory, author H.L.

Did Thurgood Marshall sue the University of Maryland?

He sued the University of Maryland on behalf of Parren Mitchell and Hiram Whittle. Mitchell became the first Black student to take graduate classes, and Whittle enrolled as the first Black undergraduate student. Marshall went on to argue the landmark case Brown vs.

What are some fun facts about Thurgood Marshall for kids?

Thurgood Marshall was born on July 2, 1908, in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the son of William Marshall, a railroad porter, and Norma Marshall, a kindergarten teacher. His grandfather was a slave who escaped the South during the Civil War. Young Thurgood attended Baltimore's Colored High and Training School.


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