Do you tip in restaurants in Spain? (2024)

Do you tip in restaurants in Spain?

Tipping servers in restaurants and cafés in Spain, while appreciated, isn't mandatory. It's tough for Americans to get used to not leaving a tip, but locals generally don't leave anything extra at all in more casual eateries. In fine-dining restaurants, a tip may already be included in the check.

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How much do you tip in restaurants in Spain?

Tipping in Spain works differently: The customer actually has the option to not leave any tip at all. However, restaurants expect a 10% tip on each bill—although it's not a formal rule, and that percentage is much lower than tipping practices in other countries.

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Is it rude not to tip in Spain?

In Spain, tipping is entirely optional and it's not very common. You may see people leaving small change at cafés and bars and, eventually, someone tipping at a nice expensive restaurant. But most of the time, you won't see anyone other than tourists leaving a tip.

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Do you tip in Barcelona restaurants?

Tipping Your Servers:

Tips aren't expected in Barcelona, but they are always appreciated. Credit cards – tipping is possible with a card, just be sure you ask them to add it to the total as they run your card. There's no space on the credit card receipt when it comes time to sign.

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What is the service charge in Spain restaurants?

The usual is 10%. There are no added service charges on the final bill at most restaurants or bars, although some higher priced restaurants may add IVA (Value added tax, currently 18% going up to 20% on the 1st September 2012) to the final bill. This should be clearly seen in the menu.

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Do you tip taxi in Spain?

Do you tip taxis in Spain? As with restaurants, it's not necessary to tip cab drivers in Spain. There's no expectation to do so, though it would be well received.

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Can you drink tap water in Spain?

Before traveling to a new country, it's always a wise idea to scope out whether it's safe to drink tap water. So, can you drink tap water in Spain? The quick answer is yes: the average traveler absolutely can drink tap water in Spain. Essentially, 99.5% of Spain's tap water is deemed safe for consumption.

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What is bad etiquette in Spain?

Spaniards are very passionate about food and do not take it lightly when their food is criticized or modified in any way. Other habits to avoid when dining in Spain is to not place your elbows on the table, do not slurp your food or burp in public. All these actions are considered bad etiquette in Spain.

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What country is offended if you leave a tip at a restaurant?

Japan. Unlike Spain, Japan is a country where you should not tip at all; it's actually offensive. In the majority of Japanese restaurants a bill is not brought to the table.

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What is polite and impolite in Spain?

Basic Etiquette

Greet people when they enter an elevator/lift. If you need to give an object to someone, pass it to them. It is rude to toss it in their direction. Punctuality is not highly important in Spain. People can arrive half an hour late to a social function with no questions raised.

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What time is dinner in Barcelona?

La Cena (dinner) – And finally… dinnertime. It's widely known that people in Spain like to eat late, and Barcelona is no exception. Around here, some restaurants catering to tourists can open around 6 or 7, but most really tend to get going around 9:00pm.

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Do you tip hotel maids in Spain?

Unless it's a major international hotel, porters are not normally available to help carry bags but if they are and you wish to tip, a euro per bag is the norm for hotel tipping. You may also wish to leave tips for the maid at the end of your holiday and an amount between €2 and €3 is perfect.

Do you tip in restaurants in Spain? (2024)
Are tapas free in Barcelona?

Most bars in Barcelona do not offer a free tapas in the style of Andalusia or Madrid. However, there are a select few that treat customers to a delicious tapa with their drink. In this list we'll explore the best that I have found.

How do you ask for the bill at a restaurant in Spain?

In Spain, you can simply say "la cuenta, por favor" (the check, please) when you catch your server's attention. Another common phrase many locals use is "¿Nos cobras cuando puedas?" (literally "Can you charge us when you can?"). Either one is a perfectly fine way to ask your server to bring the bill.

Do you pay at the table in Spain?

It's almost always the case that when you pay with card, a machine will be brought over to your table or you'll have to go behind the counter to pay. You should also make sure to check the bill before you pay, Spanish restaurants are notorious for inaccuracy when it comes to charging.

What is the average cost of dinner in Spain?

Street food or fast food: around 5-10 EUR (6-12 USD) per meal. Casual dining or local restaurants: around 10-20 EUR (12-24 USD) per meal. Mid-range restaurants: around 20-30 EUR (24-36 USD) per meal. High-end or luxury restaurants: cost upwards of 50 EUR (60 USD) per meal.

Do taxis in Spain only take cash?

Barcelona Taxis Payment facilities

You can pay your taxi ride with cash or credit card in any of the taxis of Barcelona. If you pay with cash, note that the taxi drivers must have €20.00 of change. It means that the taxi driver may not have change if you pay with a high value banknote.

Can I use Uber in Spain?

Uber in Spain operates in exactly the same way that it does in every country. Therefore, if you already have the app downloaded and an active account – away you go. However, if you haven't used the platform yet you will need to download the app from your app store (find it for Android here and Apple here).

Do you need cash for taxi in Spain?

Taxi drivers in Madrid accept payments both in cash or via credit/debit card. However, it is advisable to have some euros with you, in case the POS is broken, currently out of service, etc. Taxi drivers are obligated to give change from 20€/20$. Hence, you should carry small bills to pay for your taxi transfer.

Do you tip hotel staff in Spain?

Unless it's a major international hotel, porters are not normally available to help carry bags but if they are and you wish to tip, a euro per bag is the norm for hotel tipping. You may also wish to leave tips for the maid at the end of your holiday and an amount between €2 and €3 is perfect.

How much tip do you leave in Spain or France after a restaurant meal?

Tipping at Restaurants in Europe

If your bill doesn't include a service fee, any tip between 5% and 10% will do. Keep in mind that, in some countries, it's considered rude to leave coins on the table as a tip. If you're paying in cash, let the server know what you want to pay.

Do you tip at Michelin restaurants in Spain?

Tipping in Spain Restaurants

For high-end or Michelin star restaurants tipping is likely more expected, a 10% tip is standard. If you pay by credit card it is preferable to leave a cash tip, because the wait staff often does not receive the tips left on credit cards.

Do you tip in Seville restaurants?

Tipping is optional, but always appreciated

You don't need to tip for drinks at cafes or other snacks – but if the service impresses you, consider rounding up and leaving your change as a tip. You may want to leave a little more at high-end restaurants; around 10 percent is perfectly fine.


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